The bi-annual conference on magneto-tactic bacteria (MTB2018) took place in Kanazawa, Japan, from 10-14 September 2018. This years conference had 120 attendees, from 13 different countries. There were 55 oral presentation and 43 posters. The Korea EU MTB consortium was well represented with 5 oral presenations by Ms. Pohl (MPI), Dr. Condotti (MPI), dr. Faivre (MPI), dr. Lefevre (CNRS) and prof. Abelmann (KIST Europe) and 6 posters by Dr. Adryanczsyk (CNRS), Dr. Murgia (HIPS), Dr. Ryu (KIST Europe), Dr. Korkmaz (KIST Europe) and prof. Abelmann (KIST Europe).

Highlights of the conference were the discovery that the magnetosome is centered exactly at the axis of MSR-1, magnetosome formation also takes place after the vesicles detach from the wall, MC-1 bacteria seem to swim with one bundle of flagella facing the forward direction, and magneto-tactic bacteria show iron isotope fractionation.

The abstract book of the MTB 2018 conference are available here.