On 20 november, all Korean partners of the consortium met in a meeting at the KIST campus in Seoul. Leon Abelmann gave an overview of the cluster program and activities thus far, the progress presented at the MTB2018 meeting and feedback of the European partners in the consortium. Dr. Thomas John of Saarland University joined the meeting to introduce the activities in Germany on cell observation. Prof. Tai Hyun Park of Seoul National University presented his work over the last decades on magneto-tactic bacteria, and the use of their magnetosome crystals in targeted drug delivery. Dr. Kwangmeyung Kim of KIST presented his work on theragnostics, and how magnetic particles can be applied. Dr. Jiung Cho of KBSI presented the possibilities of his institute in the analysis of magneto-some crystals. Dr. Jinyoung Kim of DGIST presented his work on magnetic nano-robots and the cooperation with ETH. Dr. Eung-Sug Lee of KIMM presented the possibilities that his institute can offer in the area of micro- and nano-fabrication. Prof. Young Keun Kim of Korea University presented his work on magnetic nanoparticles and the possibilities for analysis in his research labs. Prof. In-Kyu Park of Chonnam Medical School presented his work on targeted drug delivery using bacteria based carriers. The meeting was closed with a discussion on the progress of the consortium, further plans for exchange of samples and ideas and feedback to the European partners.