While considering the confusing flood of drugs in the pharmacies it is hard to believe in a lack of medication. But there are still many infectious diseases and also cancer that cannot be treated sufficiently. During a medical treatment it is essential that the drug arrives at the envisaged body region. Therefore scientists have to establish new technologies to ensure the safe and effective delivery of the drug candidate to the site of action, as for example the site of infection or components of the immune system. The main focus of the department “Drug Delivery” is, on the one hand, on the exploration of biological barriers themselves. On the other hand, a major approach consists in developing appropriate carrier systems that are capable of crossing these barriers and deliver the active molecule to the target. Furthermore, the department expands this approach by creating new experimental models of higher sophistication and relevance for investigating the mechanisms, treatment and prevention of infectious diseases. 

Contact: Prof. dr. Claus-Michael Lehr, Saarbrücken, Germany