Main aim: Magnetic nanoparticles for drug delivery produced by magneto-tactic bacteria

With WP1 we study how we can increase the magneto-some crystal production by MTB cultures, and how these crystal can be used for targeted drug delivery.

Active partners

  • Korea Univ.: Analysis of magneto-some crystals (Leading partner)

  • Magron: Upscaling of magneto-some crystal production

  • KIST: Targeted drug delivery using magnetosome crystals

  • KBSI: High resolution analysis of magnetosome crystals

  • Nanobacterie: Optimisation of magneto-some crystal production

  • CNRS: Cultivation and separation of magneto-some crystals

  • NanoPET: Application of nanoparticles as imaging agents

  • KIST Europe: Culture optimisation and instrumentation for MTB analysis¬†

  • MPI: Optimisation of magneto-some formation