The Magnetic Optical Density meter was shipped from KIST Europe to CEA Cadarache. Dr. Damien Faivre and dr. Dan Chevrier will test the instrument on cultures at CEA, and develop new measurement methods. If you are interested in building such an instrument, visit our Technical section. We love to get you started!

From 8-12 July we had a very successful first Korea-European Workshop, close the the CEA facilities in Cadarache, France. There were in total 15 presentation by experts in the fields of magneto-tactic bacteria, magnetic nanoparticles and biomedicine. Next to scientific meetings, we enjoyed a visit to the countryside and a tour of the CEA facilities. The consortium thanks Dr. Damien Faivre, Dr. Dan Chevrier and all CEA colleagues for the excellent organisation.


Prof. Tai-Hyun Park received the KoreuMTB consoritium member in his laboratories at Seoul National University. We discussed the progress of the consortium, made plans for the follow up project proposal, and visited the SNU facilities.

Prof. In-Kyu Park and Prof. Il-Kwon Lee visited KIST Europe on 15 May, 2019. They presented their work to the Saarland research community, and discussed the upcoming meeting in Cadarache with prof. Abelmann.